New Belts hot off the press!

I've just created a brand new design for a Ladies belt. It's more of the fashion style, that my wife tells me, ALL the women are wearing! IMG_6995

Ladies Fashion Adjustable Leather Two Tone Patterned Belt with Solid Brass Horseshoe Buckle.

Yep that right ladies, this belt can change from as small as a 84cm to as large as a 100cm size. Great to wear on the waist or the hips, and being plaited it will stretch and soften too. Bound to be the most comfy belt in the wardrobe! IMG_6991



Ladies Fashion Adjustable Leather Plaited Belt with Solid Brass Horseshoe Buckle.

This one would vary in size from around 89cm to about 107cm in size. Both belts come with a matching plaited belt keeper. This means you can tuck the end of the belt through the loop, keeping it nice and tidy.



So I may have been quiet here on the blog but I'm still plaiting!

More belts are being added to my Etsy Shop all the time, feel free to check them out if you'd like!