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Traditional plaited kangaroo leather

Who We Are




The craft

Plaiting kangaroo leather is a traditional craft and could be considered the 'slow fashion' equivilant for the craft world - 'slow craft'. All leather is hand cut from the hide,  bevelled on both edges of the reverse side, then plaited into various patterns and forms. It takes around 8 hours to produce an average style belt and all processes are manual, there's no mechanical tools or power required - just a lot of patience and good light! The finished product is well worth the time and labour however, lasting decades and decades of continual wear. Aging gracefully whilst softening and becoming even more comfortable with time. 


The leather

Kangaroo leather is the strongest leather in the world for it's weight and produces the most comfortable and durable plaited goods. All kangaroo hides are sourced sustainably, tanned and coloured in plant and vegetable based oils and dyes. Our leather supplier is not only one of the best in Australia, but also in the top ten tanneries of the world. Read more about their sustainable practices here.


The skills

A uniquely Australian craft Charlie was lucky enough to be taught the craft by an authentic Australian Stockman, Rod Moore. Rod was a Jackaroo in the 1940’s - 1950’s and taught Charlie everything he knew about the craft. He was a placid man with a great deal of patience – something you require if you are to become a plaiter. Rod learnt the craft in shearing sheds after long hot dusty days shearing and droving in the outback.

What possibly looked like an unlikely combo of a 20 something year old and 70 something year old hanging out together, Rod started as Charlie's teacher but soon became his good friend and life long mentor. Although Rod is no longer with us, his presence is often felt, especially when a new batch of hides is delivered and that leather smell takes Charlie back to the days when they'd take field trips out to tanneries selecting the best hides.  



The team

Stockman Leathercraft is a husband and wife team devoted to a slow, sustainable handcrafted life. Charlie is the number one plaiter for Stockman Leathercraft and Yvette is the new apprentice. Charlie has been plaiting for about 30 years, Yvette  for just a few months, she's got about 30 years to catch up with Charlie's expertise!  


We consider it a privilege to continue this wonderful craft, when you purchase something from Stockman Leathercraft you are enabling us to keep the tradition alive and for this we are most grateful. Thank you.

Yvette & Charlie