Let's get Cracking!

I know it's been quiet around here lately but I have been busy. My Etsy shop is open and today we've added the stockwhips. They were on this blog in the early days but we've done new photos and they look great. Check 'em out!16 strand stockwhip16 Strand Two Tone Kangaroo Hide 7ft Stockwhip.16 strand stockwhip2Some pretty intricate pattern going on here with 16 strands!16 strand stockwhip3I love that you can see how the whip tapers down, gradually and gently to the tail - this is the key to a Cracking good Whip! 12 strand stockwhip12 Strand Two Tone Kangaroo Leather 7ft Stockwhip12 strand stockwhip2Again, some serious pattern detail going down here with the 12 strands.12 strand lb stockwhip12 Strand Light Brown Kangaroo Leather 7ft Stockwhip12 strand lb stockwhip2

This is the Hitch Knot at the base of the handle...let's just say this is one hell of a time consuming painstaking knot .... you can get yourself in a real tangle weaving this little beauty up!12 strand b stockwhip12 Strand Dark Brown Kangaroo Leather 7ft Stockwhip12 strand b stockwhip2Another Hitch Knot! Not so intricate as the leather isn't as fine. Just a half plaited handle on this one to show off the traditional cane handle underneath. The cane is super lightweight which makes it easier to handle.


Ihave some more belts that I've just finished. We just need to get the photographs done but I'm pretty excited about them as I picked up some brilliant new R.M.Williams Crocodile Skin Buckles. They come up a treat - especially with a Crocodile Ridge plait. Back soon with those babies!